Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Story of Oceangram

Screenshot of the 499,999th Oceangram found on August 12, 2006.

Current number of "bottles delivered" is approaching 4 million!

Excerpts from Chat with Shawn Kashou of

On Nov. 28th, Oceangrammers chatted with Shawn Kashou in the Oceangram chatroom. Oceangrammers were able to ask questions about Oceangram and talk about the new features.

Other group chats will be scheduled in the future.
Times and dates will be posted on the blog.

Oceangram: hello, from the bottom of the ocean


Oceangram: Hello oceangrammers

Jenn: Hi Shawn

Oceangram: Shawn here

Sera: Glad you could make it Shawn

paramansb102276: hi Shawn

Hopper: Hi Shawn

SanJ (Guest31): hi Shawn

Lynne (Guest52): Hello, and thank you shawn for creating oceangram!!!

Oceangram: thank you.. I am glad to be here


Oceangram: I'll start with me, then the evolution of the oceangram idea

Sera: By the way, the overwhelming majority of comments about the new design are positive
They seem to like it.
Go ahead :)

Oceangram: great.. I am glad
I am an architect.. gradutated in 1994
I was always fascinated with computers
When I was in college, I lived next door to a bookstop
I bought my first computer, and learnt how to do computer graphics
whenever I got stuck, i used to walk over to the bookstop, read about the problem, then come back and continue
well it paid off.. I was the first student to do my thesis project on the computer


Oceangram: The architects mind is always working.. and mine was always thinking what can I do with the computer

Sera: Welcome...Shawn is telling us about himself

Oceangram: hello

Sera: and how he came up with Oceangram

Star: cool I'll listen

Oceangram: I designed a few websites
then at the beginning of this year, I was trying to find an idea for a website that can be used as an escape


Oceangram: I have my own office in the company I work for, and don't get to interact much with people
so afte a few days the message in a bottle idea poped in my head..

Sera: Many oceangrammers use the site at and on

Oceangram: my wife likes to tell people that I thought of it while i was in the bathroom

Sera: LOL

Jenn: lol

Lynne (Guest52): hee hee

paramansb102276: lmao

Oceangram: well there is some truth to that
the light bulb did go on while in there.. but it has been brewing for a while
so the challenge was to figure out how to do it

Sera: I think you've found a great way

Jenn: indeed.

Oceangram: so back to the books.. learned flash, databases.. and the first oceangram got online on May 1

The entire chat transcript can be found here.

We hope you can join us for the next Oceangrammers Chat. Stay tuned for times and dates!

~Sera : )

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