Tuesday, March 27, 2012


19 days until December 6th and I finally get my first ultrasound. Will you wait with me? It's taking FOREVER and I think I'm going to lose my mind.
aww sending happy thoughts :)
Best of luck to you!!
Only 6 days now I hope you and the baby are both healthy.
ohhhhhhhhhhhhh 7 days later :)
how does the baby look like ;)
13 dec '06
have u picked a name ??
healthy 4 ever
14th Jan 2007
England UK.
Hoping you and your baby are both well.
Unbelievable, but this bottle did reach the center of the world as well !!!!!!!
That is : Borgloon - BELGIUM.
Jan 24 - 21:00.
Keep it going guys !!!!
Almost 2 months later - so I'm guessing you've still got a couple of months left yet?  Hope everything's going well with the pregnancy.
On another note, does the person above really think Belgium's at the middle of the earth?  huh?!
(Feb 4th 07, Manchester, England)
I hope that everything is still OK with you and the baby! Maybe you will see this message again someday :-)
February 15th 2007
England, UK
Congratulations on your pregnancy.  I would love to hear how the U/S went.  Babies are little miracles.
Im having my baby april 25th...its a boy. gonna name him alexander william
Wow. After our Prince!! :-) thanx
Of course Belgium isnt the centre of the world. We all know it's Holland!
Greetings from Rotterdam.
I'm sure your baby is out by now! I had a little one myself last November. All the best to you and your little one!
Your baby I'm sure has been delivered.  Just think, during your whole pregnancy I was undergoing infertility treatments, my life stands still as yours is blossoming.  Congratulations.  I hope it happens to me soon.
Life NEVER stands still.  Life IS change.
Congratulations to those that have their little miracles by now. And to the lady undergoing fertility tx I've said a prayer that you will soon have your miracle as well.
Sep 6, 2007
ah that baby will be 5 by now.
March 19th 2012

Another Oceangram: 

My name is Tiffany. I'm typing this from Nevada. It's very cold here right now. The high is only supposed to be 43 degrees.
I'm a stay at home mom to 2 girls, ages 7 and 2. I have a baby boy on the way and he's due January 12th.
Hi Tiffany. Congratulations on the upcoming addition to your family. I bet his big sisters are excited too!
I have a daughter who is now 16 and a son who is 7. They are the joy in my life!
Good luck on the birth of your son, I have a 3 year old daughter I love her to pieces and would love another on, but DH won't let me :(
congrats. i have a 1 year old son, there is nothing like a mothers love for a child .
-nat oct.07

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