Monday, August 07, 2006

"Dammi solo un minuto un soffio di fiato, un attimo ancora."

Dammi solo un minuto un soffio di fiato, un attimo ancora. Stare
insieme e' finito, abbiamo capito ma dirselo e'
dura.---------------ich kann es nicht verstehen---------------Das ist
wahrscheinlich Italienisch
;-)---------------Redneck!!---------------They give to me only to a
minute a breath of breath, a moment still. To be ended entirety e', we
have understood but to say it e' hard.That is probably Italian;
-)-Vesihiisi sihisi hississ�=)------------------------------
;-) or spanish??? (kab)
i wish i could read other languages

ya me too
I like big butts an I cannot lie... Tipsy! :) NZD New Zealand 5th
August 2006 10.57pm

Hajimemashite. Watakushi wa Lenny desu. Doozo Yoroshiku. =P I'm bored.
Mendokusai desu nee...-PhenomFox
I wish I could read some of the different languages on this! but
anyway Have a great day and enjoy every minute. Becky Terre Haute, IN
i like tipsys butt and i cannot lie!

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strooster said...

Wow thats travelled some already! I am the one who wrote ''I wish I could read other languages'' That was two hours ago!