Saturday, August 19, 2006

1,000,001st Bottle Message found in Connecticut!

Congratulations and a great big thanks to Amy, a DISer from Connecticut for this screen capture of the 1,000,001st bottle message!

Amy, a reader of the DIS (Disney) message board, says the message arrived in Connecticut at 8:52 EST. EST is 5 hours behind GMT, so that time is 1:52 am (GMT) on Sunday, August 20th.

Here is the complete text of the message pictured:
Travel is only glamorous in retrospect.
-Paul Theroux

~Where would you like to go?
anywhere but here

sending on

1,000,001st message...
Found by Amy at 1:52 am (GMT)

**If anyone out there has a screen capture of the 1 millionth message, please let me know!**




Anonymous said...

Congrats, but you need another zero in your title!

Sera said...

That's true! It's as close as we could come. I'll publish the 1 millionth if we find it ; ) Personally, I thought it was pretty amazing that someone found THAT one!


Anonymous said...

No what I meant was the number you have written is One hundred thousand and one, not one million and one - you have a 6 digit number not a 7!

Sera said...

Thank you! I need to pay more attention! I just got used to seeing 6 digits and got sloppy. I guess I've been staring at the ocean too long.



Anonymous said...

That's better! (and yes, i thought getting the millionth-and-first was pretty good too).

Sera said...

Yeah, I was focused on the other end of the number! ;)

Thanks, again.

Donna Piranha said...

That's pretty amazing finding one so close to the millionth. I have to say, my guess was pretty darn close. I thought it would be today in Canada, but today in Connecticut is pretty shmetty close. I think you should have a runners up prize, wink wink.
That was fun. Thanks Sera!

Bottlewriter said...

That´s great! Congratulations! Since we do not have a winner in our forum "Bottleparty", I invite Amy to register and become the "Bottle Millionaire" from the start. :-)

MJBB said...

How do you know which bottle # you are getting?

Sera said...

Well, it's not an exact science but if you look below the lighthouse, it says "____ bottles delivered". This number changes as bottles are delivered, however you must refresh your browser to see a new total. So you can't really say THIS was the One millionth message or whatever, but if a message floats up and your browser says "1,000,000" for example, we count it. : )

Amy said...

I just wanted to thank Bottlewriter for my honorary "Bottle Millionaire" title! I'm having lots of fun reading all those bottles!