Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Where to Find Oceangrammers: an Update

1. Oceangram Stories Group: There are currently 23 members of this group. Anna from Finland posts her oceangrams regularly and there is a place to upload photos, add your own links, etc.

2. Bottle Party: I enjoy this forum because it's set up specifically for oceangrammers and divides discussion into topics. There's a general board ("Almost Everything"), "Translations" for help translating messages, and one called "Bottle Archive" where you will find poetry and lyrics, wise and thoughtful messages, and humorous messages ("funnies").

3. Court TV Forum: I spent last night perusing this forum. This is one I didn't know about until I received a bottle mentioning it. There are currently 15 pages devoted to the oceangram thread. Some oceangramming quotes:
"I got one yesterday that asked me how I liked the sound of the ocean?
I kept turning up my speakers. It doesn't have sound does it?"

"everytime my husband calls and says whatcha doin? im like WAITING ON BOTTLES! duhhhhhhh
he just laffs at my pathetic self lol"

4. Snopes:This message board now has 6 pages devoted to the thread and you don't have to be a member to read it.

5. OLS: Currently 134 pages devoted to the topic of oceangrams. Non-members can read posts.

6. Another forum where oceangrammers talk. There is a 10-page comment thread which non-members may read.

The following groups have popular oceangram threads which non-members can not read:
New Zealand Dating
Makeup Alley

I hope this list is useful. Please let me know if I've left anyone out.



sharo1 said...

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Anonymous said...

There are a whole bunch of MDC which is Mothering Dot Commune, which now has a thread with 28 pages devoted to Oceangrams!

Sera said...

Wow! Thanks for that information : )

Sera said...

Can anyone give more information? That link didn't seem to work. Which forum is it in?


Anonymous said...

The post is in TAO which is private at first. But try any of the other boards, it's a great site.

Anonymous said...

MDC is found at:

The thread is: