Saturday, August 12, 2006

"Good day from Sunny Southern Calfirnia. Any IDOBers out there?"

Good day from Sunny Southern Calfirnia. Any IDOBers out there?
I Don't Order Beef
Idiots Drown Out Back
Ice Drips Over Balcony
Idaho Does Owe Bucks

What the heck is IDOBers?
tunacones and fuzzy boots
Ill Donkey On Back
I Dive Over Bed
Icky Ducky On Brooke
Hi, Don't know about IDOBers, but I'm here! Just surfing those beautiful waves! Jen.. :-)
Not here, sending back out to see in search of some beefeater I guess.

MM from MDC
I would love to know what IDOBers is too!! From Sunny North Carolina!
Please pray for my son, Steven, for good results on his EEG tomorrow.

kp in il
I'm clueless. But Steven, I hope your EEG is rockstar.
IDOB or EEG, whatever's your letter, be cool!
Good luck to Steven! I'm not an IDOBer - I'm a 2Pea'er and an OT Lounger.
good luck steven
2peas leduc alberta
Oh what the heck, good luck, have fun and I hope you find your way x
Martin Lewis is a God! MSE
I'll Do Open Bars?

Heck yeah, I'm an IDOBer then! Free alcohol is a no-brainer!

and yeah, good luck on the EEG
Good luck Steven!

Found by Sera at 3:36 am

**IDOBers are from which is a pregnancy/mothers forum.
It seems that nonmembers can't view posts.

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Marie said... says IDOB = Iowa Division of Banking so maybe also IOWA Div of Banking
Illinois Div of Banking
Indiana Div of banking