Thursday, August 03, 2006

Ok, everyone, here's how you can participate in this blog

You can either send out your own oceangram and put something like:
"Find me at the oceangramstories blog!" ...along with whatever else you want to say.

If you email me a (screencapture) jpg of your message I will post it here and the person who gets the message MAY add a comment here, who knows?

OR you can pick messages up and send them (screencapture jpg) to me if they are interesting. I will post them and you can see what happens from there.

To have me post your message, send an email to me at yahoo. My ID is the same as the title of this blog. Don't forget to tell me where you are and when you sent or received your message! You can be general (northwest USA) or specific (San Francisco, CA, USA).


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