Sunday, August 06, 2006

Can you post to Oceangram Stories?

An anonymous poster asks...

Sera, what a nice site. I would like to post messages myself, but apparently that's not possible? The only way to post messages here is to send them to you by e-mail?

Well, right now here are the ways you can participate:

1. You can comment, and I will repost interesting comments on the blog.

2. You can post in the yahoo group here. It's a new group that I have just created and I haven't had time to send out invitations so you may be the first member. However, "if you post, they will come..." : ) Go there and answer the polls, create some of your own, upload pictures, introduce yourself, look for other oceangrammers, or just tell about the messages you've received.

3. I would like a few blog team members from around the world to help me post and translate oceangrams for fun. If you are interested, please email me with some information about yourself or post in the yahoo group.

Have fun oceangramming!

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