Monday, August 14, 2006 a Kim Komando Cool Site

Monday's notes: was Kim Komando's Cool Site on August 12, 2006, so our virtual ocean may become a little more crowded soon. That's fine! More Oceangrammers mean more messages. Welcome to the newbies!

    Have you found the new "frequently asked questions" link at Many questions you might have had are answered, such as "Do messages stay in the ocean forever?" and "Is there a way to see where my message goes?" The official answer to that last question is "not yet" however, we know that's not true! You can look here at Oceangram Stories. See if you find your long lost message in recent posts or among the archives. (Try our new Technorati search box to help with that). And if you don't find your message at Oceangram Stories, you might have a look at the many other forums where people post O.G.s. I have tried to keep an updated list. Here is the latest one: Where to Find Oceangrammers.

    You may have noticed that more than 500,000 Oceangram bottles have been delivered. A great big thank you goes out to Basil, an Oceangram Stories reader. He found the 500,000th virtual "message in a bottle" at around 1:40 a.m. EST on August 13th! He provided us with
    this image of the message.

    Basil asks if anyone has seen this message. It would be interesting to know where it is now. Please comment on this post, if you have seen it.

    We are now keeping an eye out for message #1,000,000, which I predict will not be too far away at this rate! I will be taking guesses about when the 1 millionth message will be delivered. If you have your guess to me by Friday, I will post it on this blog. Guesses should be in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). See this previous post to help with conversion from your time zone.
    My email address is at yahoo (oceangramstories).

    In the coming week, look for a bit of blog design tweaking to happen. I must confess that I'm rather new to blogging, and I'm still learning. I only just realized, for instance, that the entire side bar for this blog was not showing correctly in Internet Explorer. (I use Firefox and I just hadn't checked.) Can anyone give me a clue as to why? Well, needless to say, I'll be fixing that. ; ) Also, I'll be coming up with a kind of schedule for posting, and I'll try to work out a way to make archives more useful to you. Any suggestions you have for this site are welcome.

Well, I believe that's all for now.

Happy Oceangramming!



Anonymous said...

The oceangram website isn't working. Is it just me?

Sera said...

No, you're right. It's not working.

They are working on it.