Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Stories from Believers: Angels in Bottles


I have to share this...

For 2 days "Time in a bottle" by Jim Croce for
no reason, I thought then, kept looping into my head. I had not
picked it up from the radio...and I had not heard it in decades. It
just somehow rooted itself into my head. As I'm a firm believer
that nothing happens for no reason I kept trying to see how that song
applied to me at that moment.

After 3 weeks in a coma this winter I must tell
you that my life has been changed forever by that near death
experience. I knew, before that, that life and time were precious but now I try even more to make the most of every second. Mind you that I have my ups and downs. Lately I must admit it had been kind of rough

Anyway the song kept bringing me back in the
moment...the only place to be...
focusing on what is positive letting go of whatever
is negative. At one point surfing on the net checking on, Message in a Bottle caught my eyes. By the hour Google
seems to spring up with new links to you...the word is getting around. ;)

I ended up on Oxygen to me.
That was Sunday afternoon, I must say it turned my life around.
Convalescing I have a lot of free time on my hands. Now, ever since
Sunday, when I'm on the net I a have a window to the sea. I could not go to the beach, the sea came to me. I could not go to the people around the world...they now come to me! The bottles...addictive connection to the world, so refreshing so so so gooooood!

I know that oceangram is just a baby I don't know where it will take
us all but one thing I know is that it is making a difference in this world for a lot of people. Oceangrammers are a new breed. Love,
laughter and understanding now are there for the taking.

Freedom comes with it. To feel connected around the world is such a great
feeling. So far I have not encountered too much pollution in that sea
of love. Lets keep it that way. Thanks a million for you behind this miracle tool. Cheers to Oceangram and Oceangrammers of the world.



p.s. Heaven/miracle came to me even though I'm not of any religion. Angels seems to be popping out of the bottles...

For the lyrics I suggest you Google's
well worth your time!

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Brandon's High School Life said...

This is very good. Nice job

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work in your recovery. I hope this stay unpolluted also

Anonymous said...

Know that God and his angels are watching over you and that you will get better day by day. Remember, baby steps turn into big steps. Enjoy the ocean sounds. Take care, Nancy