Friday, August 04, 2006

More than 100 messages in a bottle found in 2 days!

Hello fellow oceangrammers,

I have gotten more than 100 oceangram messages in the past 2 days and that's a lot! I have posted ALL of them on this blog. They have come from many different countries: The Netherlands, Norway, Germany, Russia, Taiwan, UK, Canada, and of course the USA to name a few.

I have decided to stop standing at the virtual beach waiting for virtual messages to drift in and to go on with my life, but that doesn't mean YOU have to. See if any of the messages posted here are yours, and feel free to comment on them. Also, I'll be happy to post anyone's interesting messages here in the future. Just send me a jpg of the message and tell me when and where you received it. You can also send me jpgs of notes you send out and tell them to "find" you here.

I've created a yahoo group for you to use to discuss the messages you receive and send. Have fun!

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