Wednesday, August 16, 2006

"To my dear daughter Bella-Aniela (beautiful angel)"

To my dear daughter Bella-Aniela (beautiful angel)
born on the 19th june 06
I have been waiting all my life to have a lovely daughter who i will treasure,love and adore.Hence i was over the moon with joy and happiness when i found out i was carrying you my first child, i feel so blessed to have you, thankyou so much for coming in to my life Bella,i love you and will always love you, i will always do my very best for you Bella, i really do belive you are my gift from above.
"Please help me lord, i pray to thee, with thankful heart on bended knee, to raise this child that she might be, a happy child because of me."
That is very beautiful, if only every child in the world was half as loved as Bella our world would be a better place. Love is the answer.

Found by Sera at 2:47 pm


vikki warwick said...

oh gosh !! i remember wrighting that !!! i typed Bellas name in to goggle and found this page.... Bella is now 5 months old and learning very fast..she is the love of my life, its so nice to know someone saw my message. xxx

Sera said...

I bet she's a cutie :)