Saturday, August 05, 2006

TT Gonozal sagt:

TT Gonozal sagt:
Lebe gl�h, werde alt,
bis die Welt in St�nallt!

Found by Sera at 7:40 pm


Anonymous said...

It's German:

"TT Gonazal says;
Live -----, become alt,
till the earth in stone---???"

I don't know what the little box is supposed to mean. Maybe there was an umlaut there, usually shows up as ae, oe, or ue in English.

aunt lojo

Sera said...

Thanks Aunt Lojo : )

Anonymous said...

It says:
Live a happy life, grow old
till the world will burst into pieces.

Lebe glücklich, werde alt, bis die Welt in Stücke knallt

Sera said...

Thank you!