Saturday, August 26, 2006

Where to Find Oceangrammers

New Additions This Week

· JJR Friendly Forum

· Whirlpool Forums Australia

· ENC Today (Eastern North Carolina)

· Bad Mothers Club (Eastern North Carolina)

· Mums Net

· TES Staff Room

Foreign Language Forums

· Buchticket (German)

· Choo Livedoor (Japanese)

· +occhiali di libellula+ (Japanese)

Forums That Can Be Read by Non-members

    1. 2Peas: NSBR Board (Peas)
    2. Babycenter
    3. Big Brother Of Topic (BBOT)
    4. Bob’s Free Stuff Forum (Bobs)
    5. Bottle Party
    6. Circle of Friends
    7. Court TV Forum (CTV)
    8. Croppers Cottage
    9. DIS Boards (Disney)
    10. DVDTalk Forum
    11. Intercot
    12. Money Saving Expert Forum (MSE)
    13. Nesties
    15. Oceangram Stories Group
    16. Online Sweepstakes (OLS)
    17. Pure Pandemonium: Message in a Bottle
    18. Snopes
    19. Weight Watchers Boards

The following groups have popular oceangram threads which non-members can not read:

    1. Beautiful Brides and Beyond
    3. New Zealand Dating
    4. MotheringDotCommune
    5. StorkNet
    6. Sybermoms
    7. Magic Mums
    8. MakeUp Alley
    9. Bookcrossing


    • I will update this list every Friday to post on Saturday.
    • Please help me keep the list up to date by telling me if a thread is closed or deleted.
    • If you would like your forum listed, please comment on this post.
    • Give as much detail as possible, such as if you must become a member to read the forum thread, etc.
    • If non-members can read the thread, please give a link that goes all the way to the thread or else tell me exactly the path to lead to the thread (ex. Forums>Off Topic>Time Wasters>Message in a Bottle).
    • Please tell me if I have miscatagorized your forum.

    Please post comments here on this post for corrections and additions to the list.

    I will begin "profiling" forums soon. Please let me know if you would like your forum to be first the first. Thanks for your help in finding forums and threads where Oceangrammers chat.

    Happy Oceangramming!



Anonymous said...

have to be members to view but it got over 12 pages in less then 12 hours

Anonymous said...

our forum has a very popular MIAB thread we are members only though

sarah said... The doodlebuggers have been very busy sending and receiving bottles

Denise aka 'five' said...

Hi there, a memeber of our parenting forum posted the oceangram link yesterday, and we now have steady band of oceangrammers, and growing all the time. I don't know if you can list us or not, but our address is
Thanks :D

Anonymous said...

we got over 103 pages in just 24 hours!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

we got over 103 pages in just 24 hours!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

thats the new BBOT thread, it changes alot....

ScaryShari said...
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Anonymous said...

Love Oceangram, visit Devon Pets Forums...

Sera said...

Be sure and tell me that your forum discusses oceangram and provide a link or other information. I almost thought the above post was spam, but I see they are Oceangrammers. I have found their Oceangram posts:

Welcome to Devon Pets Forums! : )

Anonymous said...

Dont have to be a member to view

Anonymous said...

Dont need to be a member to read. We would love to be profiled

Anonymous said...

Sera said...


LenP2P said...
Parent2Parent - Australian Parents Community

Free for all.