Sunday, July 22, 2007

One Wish....

If you had one wish, only to be used on yourself, what would it be and why?
That every time I reached into my pocket, there would be money there. I'm tired of having to scrimp for pennies.
I think my wish would be that I could've been a famous singer. I love singing and I'm ok ish at it, but nowhere near good enough to do anything with it. Oh well, at least I can annoy my neighbours with my bad karaoke.

Nice question and I think it's clever how you did it so we wouldn't do the 'world peace' wish - which would always be my first wish, but you made me have to think again :o)

To have countless wishes!
I guess I have to go along with the neverending wishes, but the coins are good also.

Oceangram found by Sera


Anonymous said...

Nice oceangram u got there :)

Trollgod said...

Hmm how odd I encountered this message about 15min ago - replied & threw it back .... welcome to the twilight zone ! what drew to read this blog page so soon after ?