Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Oh Danny Boy

Hi Danny Boy,
Can you tell us how you are and what happened?
We love you.
Who ever opens this please put it back in the bottle and send it on.
Thank you,
Oct24/06 Canada
Hey Danny Boy, I don't even know you, never mind love you, but I'd like to know what happened too!!!!!
wish you find your true love....

from China..
Hi Danny Boy sending bottle back into the ocean and hope you receive it soon.
I know a Danny Boy in California but I'm sure he's not the one you are looking for. I hope you find your Danny Boy.
My son is a Danny Boy and we live in Manitoba Canada.

If he's the one. He's cool and no worries mate!

Nov 20/06
the pipes are calling!
Hi MamaJeanD,
I am sorry but I have been out on the west coast all these years. I just could not face you and Papa and tell you the truth. I am ashamed to say I am gay. I am so sorry Mama, I know how much you wanted grandchildren and I cannot face being excommunicated. I can't come home. I am so sorry and I hope you are tracking this.
Your Danny Boy
aww how sweet.......
yeah so.... out in the "ocean" you go little bottle
~indiana, USA
sending back... =)
wow how cool is that if that really is 'Danny Boy'

wow LOVE LOVE LOVE kiddos.


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