Monday, August 07, 2006

Communities of Oceangrammers

You can't get enough of You're hooked? Looking for a place to talk about your addiction? Or, admit it, you're trying to find that lonely little message in a bottle that you cast adrift on the virtual ocean days ago, right?

Where can you go? Well, first, you can look on this blog and see if you find any of your messages, and by the way, if you find any of mine let me know, ok?

You can check out the group for this site, but it's brand new so maybe you can post your stories (and oceangrams) first.

If you want some REAL talkers, check out these sites that have an oceangram thread, or sites that have a large number of oceangrammers...

This forum thread has 5 pages of comments so far.

Lazy Laces, has a comment thread about oceangrams, but he has shut down comments on it for now.

Online Sweepstakes has a forum thread that is 125 pages long! Someone commented that they have addictive personalities and I guess so. (But look who's talking ; )

Bottle Party is a German forum created just for Oceangrammers. Don't worry, the posts are mostly in English and they will help you translate German messages. Check it out.

If you were wondering what the acronyms OLS, NZD, and MUA are, here is a post on Bottle Party about it. And for your information, here, too...

New Zealand Dating(NZD)

Online Sweepstakes (OLS)

Makeup Alley (MUA)

I love how people translate the different languages with automatic translators. Check out the second post here... funny!

Please let me know if there are more forums with Oceangram threads that I may have missed.



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