Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Professions of Love and Proposals of Marriage

  • "Love is....waking up next to someone"--, giving them a kiss on the cheek and feeling like the luckiest bad-mum alive.Sparkles.XXX

  • "My husband is wonderful. I adore him."--That is great news! My boyfriend is a great person too. I hope one day we will be married and have such a wonderful life together.

  • "I am deeply and genuinely in love with you."--You are my true soul mate, without question. I wish I could tell you how deeply I care about you and how you have stolen my heart. I wish the years between us would not have to matter.

  • "How do you know when you have met 'the one'?"--You won't be able to think about much of anything else. This won't go away over time.

  • "Dear Johnny, Where are you now?"--You were, and still are, such a special person, but the circumstances just weren't right ...

  • Mark Loves Kelly--joanie loves chachi!
    Batman loves Robin!Romeo loves Juliet. Tristan loves ISolde.

  • "Ang Zechman, I know you are out there somewhere"--I love you, it is just a pity we don't talk anymore and there is such a big ocean between us xxx.

  • Did Morra Say Yes?--Nicco ** is going to ask Morra ** to marry him. Will she say yes? August 16th, 10:30 am on the corner of 6th Ave. and 55th St. in New York City, at the LOVE sculpture. Be there!

  • Will Chris Say Yes?--Chris, Marry me! Jennifer

    What do you think about Nicco and Morra?

    Do you think Nicco really asked Morra to marry him? And if so, did she say yes?
    Yes, he asked her and she said yes!
    Yes, he asked her but she said no.
    No, he chickened out and didn't ask her.
    It's an interesting question, but I have no idea.
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    I hope you have enjoyed this selection of Lovegrams. If you have more "Marriage Proposals" and "Love Declarations", feel free to comment here and link to them, or send me an email and I will post them in the archives for their intended target to discover someday.


    Anonymous said...

    I'm sorry, I know it isn't convenient, but...
    I love you.
    Aww thanks but I'm in love with someone else!
    Here, let me offer you a tissue. Hope it doesnt get wet in this bottle. I'll be praying that your true love finds you. Trayce
    Love is Good!!
    I'm in love with someone else but I do love you too!!

    ®/BBOT SarahRocks!
    I'll love you if you like ;)
    I'll love u long time, for 10 dollars!
    When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie .. thats AMORE!!
    i'd burn this bottle if i had matches.

    <3 CSI:OT

    Anonymous said...

    julien lilley was my true love but he thought i was too young at 15... still cry about him now and i am 29. I am happily married but julien was my first true love. i hope to meet him somday just to see how we have changed.

    Anonymous said...

    You've taken my hand.
    As a caring friend,
    Though it takes time to show it.
    You seeded the start,
    A growing of heart.
    I wonder if you know it.
    The heart behind mind,
    Reaching and kind,
    When you aren't thinking of it.
    If I saw your eyes,
    Would I find surprise,
    When you learn I've learned to love it?
    As I write here,
    The thing that I fear,
    Is that love I've needed,
    Will be superceded,
    By the steady thoughts you hold dear.

    Anonymous said...

    why does it say "undefined" bottles delivered now?

    Anonymous said...

    Tony Mooney, TMoonhead, ADMoon, Chief, Bubba...all one in the same and I love you without end...It has been 4 1/2 very long years and I think of you everyday and keep you in my prayers. I wonder what will stop the sparks once our eyes meet again. You are a missing part of me and your absence has left a hole in my heart. KH