Thursday, September 21, 2006

Now I Can Track My Oceangrams!


It's What We've all Been Waiting for:
Oceangram Tracking!

We send our bottles off into the virtual ocean like little children, not knowing where they might end up or how they might grow. Now you can find out what happened with them! Unfortunately, it's only good for your new Oceangrams. But it's great, nonetheless. : )

Here are important links:

Oceangram: Click on a bottle to write a message and begin tracking it! Your email is safe and is only used to track the message.

Oceangram Tracking Number Input: Use this page after you have your tracking number (from your email). Be patient. I know, it's difficult! It takes time for your Oceangram to drift around the world and gather responses.

Oceangram Tracking Information Page
: You can read a question and answer page about tracking your oceangrams.

Good luck and have fun tracking those Oceangrams!



Kayla Shay said...

That was a fun one... Was that your add on at the end? I loved how it finally went back to the recipes after all the cartoon chatter.

Kayla Shay said...

Oops, that was suppose to be at the archive, not here...

My bad...

elle said...

thanks for this option! The site is ingenious!