Wednesday, August 16, 2006

One Millionth Oceangram "Contest": Guess before August 18th at 1:00 pm GMT

When do you think the one millionth oceangram will arrive, and on whose beach? Give me your guesses before August 18, 2006 at 1:00 pm GMT, and I will post your guess on this blog. Please let me know the name or ID you want me to use when you guess, and tell me where you are from. Send your guesses to oceangramstories at yahoo dot com.

You may ask, "What prize will I receive?" Well, I'll publish the winner on my blog! Wooohooo!!

(Sorry, no cash prize here. I'm just a poor blogger who has not yet won the lottery.) : )

If you need helping converting your time to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), use this Time Zone Converter or Time Zone Map.

Right now, my Oceangram beach shows 742,363 bottles delivered. What does your say?

And what is your guess?

Happy Oceangramming!




Anonymous said...

The millionth message will be from Germany..

Shawn Kashou

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

really slow bottles right now...I have waited 10 minutes in between, and still nothing...this is makes me want to do something else - I hate to -love the site, but really wasting my time

Anonymous said...

I agree w/anonymous re: slow bottles. It does take the fun out it to wait so long. I also have been wasting time here today. I also feel badly about that because I have enjoyed this site.

Anonymous said...

I came here to comment (really complain)
see others have been here
feeling my pain.
When my time to waste is non-productive
I gots to move on
there's more life to live.

But, I sure hope this site wasn't just a flash in the pan!!!

Anonymous said...

Good golly! Has this site changed, or what? This used to be a fun place. What happened? I'm falling asleep out here. Oh, maybe that's a good thing. I'll get so bored, I'll be lulled to sleep.

Sera said...

The bottles are picking up now. There will always be some growing pains with a site like this.

~Sera : )