Saturday, August 12, 2006

"Sorry,It's japanese"

Sorry,It's japanese.

Well, let's send it back out. Wish I could have read it.
That is a pretty message. Shame I don't understand it.PLEASE translate is somebody!
Throwing it back in.....
Comme lui, il a ecrit en japonais, moi, j'ecris en francais.

Bon voyage, bouteille en mer!
I should have paid more attention in my french class, and i would have understood that last one

Found by Sera at 4:12 pm

Babelfish attempts...

The Japanese: As for the person who picks up this 5 or more, please let flow the bottle mail of the same contents. Unless it lets flow, is not the case that it is something separately, however is. With rule something.

The French: Like him, it has Japanese ecrit, me, I French ecris. Happy voyage, bottle at sea!
(Like him, he writes in Japanese, I write in French. Bon voyage, bottle at sea!)

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