Tuesday, August 15, 2006

We're back! Oceangram.com is back in business.

An update from Shawn Kashou:

The site is up!!!. However, since it takes anywhere from now till 48 hours for the new DNS to activate all over the world, you have to access the site by using the ip address. Here it is:

I don't mind people to start using it from now using the numerical address... However, there is a chance of having the wiggly bottle problem when people start mixing the numerical and the word addresses... But, let's take the chance, rather than stay down longer..

Go for it, people!



Anonymous said...

What caused them to go down? I did a goggle to try and find out what happened, luckily, I found your blog and this post!


Anonymous said...

mse rules yeah baby yeah mse rules

konnichiwa msers

Sera said...

They had too much traffic. Probably caused by the Kim Komando recommendation. They had to move up to a new server to handle the traffic.


Glad you found us! : )

Anonymous said...

Awww - still with the wiggly cork but I'll keep tryin!

Sera said...

You have to stop using the IP address now. Use "www.oceangram.com" again.
They explain it on the website.

Good luck!

vodka shots said...

wiggly bottles drive me mad!!! aargh!!

... great blog, by the way.