Monday, September 25, 2006

Oceangram Stories: Monday Notes

Hello Oceangrammers!

Are you enjoying tracking your oceangrams?

Oceangram is a way of sending a virtual, anonymous "message in a bottle" to people around the world. A new development is that you can now see what replies your oceangrams have gathered, (you can "track" them).

Now that you can track oceangrams, you must have some great ones to share! We would love to hear from you. There are a few ways you can share your oceangrams with us.

  1. Join Oceangram Stories Group and post them there.

  2. Post them in the comments section of the Oceangram Stories blog or the Oceangram Archives blog.

  3. Email Sera Kate (use the link to the above right).

You can submit your oceangrams anonymously or with a name. Whatever name you sign your email with is the name I will post with the oceangram unless you tell me otherwise.

Trouble Using Oceangram?

One of the main problems people have while accessing oceangram is using the wrong URL. You must include "www" in the oceangram URL. In other words, use this address:
Do not use this address:
Unfortunately, the second URL will work for a while but then you get wiggly corks and other problems.

If you are having other usage issues, please read the Oceangram technical help section first and the FAQ.

I am happy to help with anything about oceangram, but I don't have much information about the technical side. If all else fails, feel free to contact Oceangram using the form that can be found on the technical help page.

Tabbed Browsing

Are you finding it difficult to manage all of those windows you have open for oceangramming?

Let's see, you need one window for Oceangram Stories (smile), at least four windows open for, then you need one window for your email, one window to input your tracking numbers, and two or three other windows to do the w-o-r-k your boss THINKS you're doing. (Don't worry, *I* won't tell! : )

Well, I can't do your work for you, but I can at least help make things a little simpler. You HAVE to have tabbed browsing! Get Firefox. I don't know how I managed before tabbed browsing. Really!

If you want to know more about Firefox and tabbed browsing, click on the Firefox link above my email link.

In the meantime...

Happy Oceangramming!

~Sera : )

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