Thursday, September 28, 2006

"Simplicity" Puzzle

I mentioned this puzzle in an oceangram. You can try it if you want. Good luck!



sop_y_bubble said...

what do you need to do????

Anonymous said...

what is to be done in that puzzle? I did not see the o'gram...

Sera said...

Well, I posted on an oceangram about puzzles and mentioned something about this one. I decided to go ahead and link to it in case the people who got the oceangram came looking.

I've actually tried to do this puzzle and it seems impossible! Can you do it? I know the "solution" is posted also, but I don't want to look. I'd rather be given a small hint about how to do it : ) It seems like #3 will never get out of the way for #1 to move where it's supposed to (top left corner). What move am I not seeing??

Oh, by the way, to really do the puzzle you must click on the picture which links to the puzzle site.

Go ahead and leave me a little hint here if you figure it out. Ok?