Sunday, September 24, 2006

Where to Find Oceangrammers

Forums Only About Oceangramming

  • Oceangram Stories Group

  • BottleParty

  • Forums Newly Addicted

  • Found Utopia dot Com (c.u.f.): you must join to view this forum.

  • Mothering Forums

  • Bad Mothers Club (BMC)

  • Baby Center

  • Win Stuff/Save Cash Forums

  • Bob's Free Stuff

  • Craft/Scrapbooking Forums

  • 2Peas in a Bucket: NSBR (non-scrapbooking related) (Peas)

  • MISC Topic Forums

  • Circle of Friends

  • CourtTV > Open Court > Message in a Bottle (CTV)

  • The Portal Forum (The Loons)

  • Pure Pandemonium

  • Big Brother Off Topic (BBOT): This forum has staying power even though their forum gods keep deleting the MIAB (Message in a Bottle) topic. If this link doesn't work, try going directly to the "Off Topic" forum.

  • Weight Watchers

  • Home Talk Entertainment (HTE)

  • Foreign Language Forums

  • VIPers: this is a Japese site I know nothing about. It seems to be a group of people who like to create ASCII art. I have seen some VIP signed oceangrams with ASCII art.

  • Buchticket (German)

  • Forums You Must Join to Read

  • this is a forum for mothers.

  • Oceangrams from the Forums

    What is BBOT?

    via BBOT

    Where are You My Love?

    via Circle of Friends

    Wearing a Rainbow Wig and Packing Heat


    One of Your Happiest Days

    via c.u.f.

    Shocking Costume

    via HTE


    Sera said...

    Hi, If you can list my forum that would be great! Guests can read the threads.

    The path is >Corner cafe > Virtual message in a bottle

    Or, here's a link:,169.0.html

    Sera said...