Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Age, Occupation, Kids?

Oceangram found 11-5-08

Answer these questions:
Age - 53
Married? No, divorced..was married 30 years
Kids? Yes.....3
Occupation? Dental Assistant
Where do you live? So. California
Age - 42
Married? yes
Kids? Yes.....2
Occupation? Teaching assistant
Where do you live? bedfordshire, England
Age - 32
Married? No
Kids? No
Occupation? Human
Where do you live? Chiang Mai, Thailand
age: 53
Married: yes...very happily! 18 years!!
Kids: 5 here...2 in heaven
Occupation: MOM...LOL!
Location: Apple Valley, California, USA
married- yes, very recently
kids- trying for our first
occupation- South Wales
Age - 32
Married - 4 years. Together 14 years.
Kids - Can't have them.
Occupation - Drifter, dunno what to do!
Live - London, UK

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