Saturday, September 09, 2006

Where to Find Oceangrammers #7

New Forums will be posted weekly on the blog and then added to this list after the week is over.

Forums That Can Be Read by Non-members

    1. 2Peas: NSBR Board (Peas)
    2. Babycenter
    3. Bad Mothers Club (BMC)
    4. Big Brother Of Topic (BBOT)
    5. Bob’s Free Stuff Forum (Bobs)
    6. Bottle Party
    7. The Bub Hub
    8. Circle of Friends
    9. Club Vajayjay
    10. Court TV Forum (CTV)
    11. Croppers Cottage
    12. Devon Pet Forums
    13. DIS Boards (Disney)
    14. Doodlebug Forum
    15. DVDTalk Forum
    16. Email Cash (EMC)
    17. ENC Today (Eastern North Carolina)
    18. Essential Baby (EB)
    19. Free Republic
    20. Intercot
    21. JJR Friendly Forum
    22. Money Saving Expert Forum (MSE)
    23. Mummy Brain (MB)
    24. Mums Net
    25. Murmurs
    26. Nesties
    28. Oceangram Stories Group(OGS)
    29. Online Sweepstakes (OLS)
    30. Parent2Parent (P2P)
    31. The Portal Forum
    32. Pure Pandemonium: Message in a Bottle
    33. Snopes
    34. TES Staff Room
    35. Weight Watchers Boards
    36. Whirlpool Forums Australia
Foreign Language Forums

The following groups have popular oceangram threads which non-members can not read:


    • I will update this list every Friday to post on Saturday .
    • Please help me keep the list up to date by telling me if a thread is closed or deleted.
    • If there is a problem with links, please comment here.
    • If you would like your forum listed, please comment here.
    • Please give as much detail as possible, such as if you must become a member to read the forum thread, etc.
    • If non-members can read the thread, please give a link that goes all the way to the thread or else tell me exactly the path to lead to the thread (ex. Forums>Off Topic>Time Wasters>Message in a Bottle).
    • Please tell me if I have miscatagorized your forum.

    Post comments here for corrections and additions to the list. I look here when I update the list. Thank you!

    Forum Features

    There will be a regular forum feature on Oceangram Stories.

    • BottleParty was the first forum featured.
    • Oceangram Stories Group was the second.
    • I will choose the next forum to be featured from forums with active and lively Oceangram threads. If you think your forum qualifies, please post here to recommend it.

    Battle of the Forums

    • Don't forget to join the "Battle of the Forums" competition and try to win the "Forum Cup" for your team!
    • Winning forums get bragging rights until the next contest! : )

    Thanks for your help in finding forums and threads where Oceangrammers chat.

    Happy Oceangramming!



Sera said...

ECC = E Cash Clan

Sera said...

Oceangram - послание в бутылке (Russian)

Sera said...

iVillage Garden Web

Sera said...

Korean Blog Forum

elvinmaid said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Hi, If you can list my forum that would be great! Guests can read the threads.

The path is >Corner cafe > Virtual message in a bottle

Or, here's a link:,169.0.html