Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

I made my very first homemade apple pies today, nothing store bought, all from scratch - inspired by the picture on this blog. Yumm! I followed the directions she gave, and the pies look pretty good, I must say! We shall see how they taste.

To those Americans who are enjoying dinner and the company of friends and family today, I want to say Happy Thanksgiving! : )

Check back for an announcement about a scheduled online chat with Oceangram's creator, Shawn Kashou. The chat is scheduled for next Tuesday. I will add more details later. Meanwhile, I hope you are all enjoying the new Oceangram graphics and features. Take care and...

Happy Oceangramming!

~Sera : )


Anonymous said...

I love the new graphics. They are awesome.

Anonymous said...

the new graphics are brilliant. Thanks!

anniebluesky said...

Hi! How did those apple pies turn out?

Sera said...

I love the new graphics, too! : )
The pies turned out great! Thanks, Annie. Your instructions were perfect and the pies were yummy, but I didn't get a great picture before they were eaten. They were a big hit at Thanksgiving though!

Yesterday I tried the Christmas cookies recipe. I haven't iced the cookies yet, but they look (and taste : ) good so far.

Anonymous said...

Glad the pies turned out. Like they say...Easy as pie!

And the cookies...what is not to love?